Foto Circle Society (FCS) is an organisation formed by enthusiastic and active photographers in the year 1998. Our motto is ‘Together we progress’. Since then, FCS is providing a platform for amateur photographers from the rural and urban areas in the then Thane district, before the division, to showcase their talent. As such Thane district predominantly includes rural areas.

Our activities involve arranging workshops for providing guidance through talks by experienced photographers, slide shows, series of lectures on various photography subjects, documentaries and conducting competitions and exhibitions for amateurs as well as professional photographers. Thane Municipal Corporation has played a vital role in this process by sponsoring our maximum events consistently.

During these two decades, we have had the opportunity to meet and receive Masters in this field and many others. This has immensely helped our members to understand the nexus between success and focused efforts.

We regularly organise workshops on basic as well as advance photography and also on specialized subjects like Fashion, Photo Journalism, Wildlife, Industrial, Creative lighting and Photoshop etc.

FCS participates in various cultural activities and happenings in Thane city like ‘Marathi Sahitya Sammelan’, ‘Nav Varsha Swagat Yatra’, and many more to reach out to Thaneites and orient them in photography activities. FCS also undertakes social programs like teaching photography to the students of ‘Kamalini Karnabadhir Vidyalay’ (a school for deaf and mute Children) free of charge. An exhibition titled ‘Pani- The Story of Water’, organised with intent to create awareness on ‘Save Water’ has enhanced the image of FCS in the society. Celebration of World Photography Day on 19th August and our special exhibition ‘Canvas’ are our unique ways to encourage talent.

‘Thane Mayor Photo Competition and Exhibition’ is a unique example in our country. This competition and exhibition is organised by FCS and is fully sponsored by Thane Municipal Corporation, probably the only Municipal Corporation in India to do so. For the first 10 years, it was held as a District level competition and was expanded to State level in the next 9 years. Now on the occasion of completion of 20 years of FCS, it’s going to be a National level competition and exhibition with sizable amount of cash prizes, trophies and medals. Since last two decades, this event is getting increasingly overwhelming response every year.

A very active team of lady members is a great asset for FCS. Preparation of celebration of 8 March, the International Women’s Day, starts nearly six months in advance. An exhibition ‘Vidyullata’ is organised on that day, which includes photo stories of success of women in various fields from rural to corporate, social to glamour, education to business. For this exhibition, our lady members have not only travelled through entire Maharashtra but have even visited the Northeast states of our country and clicked various women personalities working for different causes.

FCS is also known for its most popular activity- Slide Show, which is organised on 3rd Sunday of every month at Thane Kala Bhavan, in the memory of Late Raghunth Kashinath Shintre, a senior photographer. It began on 17 Jan 2010 and continued till date. Till now FCS has organised more than 101 slide shows, without a single break, on diverse subjects. This is a platform for veterans as well as upcoming photographers to display their skills and talent.

‘फ- फोटोचा’ is our online Diwali yearly publication, in which the experiences and inspiring success stories of renowned photographers from diverse fields of photography are shared.

FCS members experienced very touching stories while clicking photographs of inmates of Thane Mental Asylum, on behalf of a NGO to issue identity cards for them.

‘Click-2017’ was altogether a different project run by FCS with the popular local daily newspaper ‘Thane Vaibhav’. For the entire year of 2017, ‘Thane Vaibhav’, published daily a photograph clicked by FCS member along with small story behind the photograph. Around 142 photographs had an opportunity to display their photos on various subjects to the readers of ‘Thane Vaibhav’. A lovely exhibition of these photos was organised by ‘Thane Vaibhav’ and FCS in Thane Kala Bhavan in January 2018.

FCS also organised ‘Spandan’, a 8 picture story exhibition, ‘The Hunt’- a monthly online photography competition, restricted to FCS members only. The journey of two decades of FCS would have been very difficult without the support from various stakeholders of the society. Foto Circle Society would like to progress with Thane Municipal Corporation, who extended cooperation to us time and again, due publicity given by print and electronic media, appreciation and encouragement bestowed by photo lovers, well wishers and many known and unknown supporters and last but not the least, the guidance and efforts taken by the founders and senior members of FCS.

Salon Information

Sections - National

A. Colour (Open)
B. Monochrome (open)
C. Travel
D. Nature- Wildlife

Sections - District
(For the residents of newly formed THANE district – Maharashtra only)

A. Rain

Salon Calendar

Submission Opens on: 15th August 2018
Submission Closing Date: 25th September 2018
Judging Date: 13th & 14th October 2018 at 10 am
Result Notification on website: 25th October 2018
Date of Exhibition: 23/24/25th November 2018
Online Catalogue: On or before 25th December 2018
Dispatch of Awards: 3rd December 2018

Judges for National

• Mr. Anil Risal Singh (MFIAP, ARPS, Hon. FIP,Hon. LCC, FFIP, AIIPC, Hon. FSoF, Hon. FPAC, Hon. FSAP, Hon. TAPS, Hon. FICS, Hon. PESGSPC, Hon. FPSNJ)
• Mr. Asim Kumar Bhattacharjee (EFIAP, FFIP, Hon. FIP, Hon. FSoF)
• Mr. Nirbhay Patil (ARPS)
• Mr. Vaibhav Jaguste (EFIAP, FFIP, AIIPC, AICS, Hon. SWAN, Hon. PESGSPC, APSI)

Entry Fee

For National level: (Maximum 4 entries per section)
A. Any 1 section: Rs.500/-
B. Any 2 sections: Rs.500/-
C. Any 3 sections: Rs.750/-
D. All 4 Sections: Rs.750/-

For District level:
A. Rs 200/- (Maximum 4 entries per participants)

Account Details

Name of the Account: Foto Circle Society
Name of the Bank: Bank of India
Branch: Panchpakhadi
Account no: 006810110010219
IFSC Code: BKID0000068

Image Specifications

A. Pixels dimension: Maximum 1800 pixels X 1200 pixels
B. Resolution: 300 dpi
C. Image format: JPG/ JEPG
D. Image size: not more than 2 MB
E. IMAGE TITLE: Titles should not be more than 30 characters. Only Western/Latin, English Alphabet (a-z; A-Z; 0-9) is allowed. Words such as "Untitled" and "No Title” are not acceptable, nor are camera capture filenames or titles consisting of only numbers.

Rules and Regulations

1. Competition is restricted to Indian citizens only.

2. Participants can submit maximum of 4 entries per section in as many categories as they wish.
*(District level section “RAIN” is open for residents of newly formed THANE district of Maharashtra State only).

3. Images for each section should be uploaded through the below-mentioned link only, and no entries will be accepted through any other mode - viz. prints, soft copies through mails, or physical media like CD/DVD/pen drives, etc.

4. Submission link : (will open on 15 August 2018)

5. Link will be deactivated after the last date of submission and no entries will be accepted after that.

6. If the entries do not reach Foto Circle Society (FCS) due to any kind of technical fault, FCS shall not be held responsible.

7. As mentioned above, entry fee should be paid only by online bank transfer. Transfer details (transaction number/UTR number) must be emailed to us, along with the participant's name & entry details on the following email ID – – On or before 25th Sept 2018, 23:59 hrs.

8. Entries received without entry-fee shall get disqualified automatically.

9. Though extreme care shall be taken by Foto Circle Society, it shall not be liable for any refund of entry fees / compensation due to loss, damage, non-receipt, or withdrawal of any entry.

10. Participant must possess the exclusive rights to every photo entered and will be responsible for having all necessary permissions relating to the subject/subject matter, including photos featuring individuals/property. FCS will not be responsible for any claims or complaints against violation of rights or damages from any parties related to it. The participant agrees to indemnify and hold the FCS harmless in such cases. In case of any dispute, participant shall submit the obtained permissions; else the entry shall be considered as disqualified. The participant is solely responsible for any such damages.

11. Entries with watermark will not be accepted.

12. Objectionable pictures portraying nudity OR political references OR the pictures with threat to national security OR the pictures with the potential threat to communal harmony OR the pictures outraging modesty of woman or children shall be considered for disqualification without any intimation to the participants.

13. Images taken on digital cameras or from negatives will be accepted. All pictures should be original. Cropping / corrections of brightness, contrast, sharpness, white balance to enhance the quality are permitted. Images with mixing / merging of two or more images, adding / deleting of the contents from the original image will be disqualified and rejected, except for Open sections- (Colour & Monochrome). In camera HDR, Focus Stacking and Multiple exposure images will not be accepted. If demanded/required, participants shall produce the original negative / digital soft copy for verification.

14. Participants permit the sponsors to reproduce all or part of the entered material free of charge for publication and/or display in media related to the exhibition. This may include low-resolution images being posted on a website. Permission to reproduce images in a catalogue or for publicity is assumed.

15. In the event that an entry is found to flout the entry requirements stated by the FCS, the entry will be disqualified. Participant will not be notified of such judgment and no refund will be given. It is not the responsibility of the FCS to ensure that the exhibition entry requirements and use of personal information do not break the laws and/or regulations of the place/location/state where the photograph is clicked.

16. Therefore, it is understood that participant has submitted such entries under their own responsibilities and at their own risk. In the event, that the entry becomes objectionable for the said reason/s, FCS will not be responsible for such damages.

17. Where necessary, FCS is liable to provide personal information of participant to local or any other authority.

18. In case of any conflict between a participant and FCS, the case will fall under the exclusive jurisdiction of the Thane (district of Maharashtra) Court and will be handled and settled accordingly.

19. Mode of judging will be OPEN judging where judges rank the images in front of audience whilst images are displayed on HD television.

20. Only one entry per person, per section is eligible for award. If one person gets two or more prizes in the same section, participant will get prize for the highestranking picture only. (Is it applicable only for the first, second, third and two consolation prizes of each section and excluding medals).

21. If the same image is entered in different categories by the same participant, entry with the highest rank will be considered for display/award and that entry will be eligible for the Award in one section only.

22. If in top 5 prizes, any prize is given to a participant from Thane district, ‘Best Local Entry’ medal will not be given in that section.

23. Winners of Thane District Section must submit copy of Residence Proof & present the original document if demanded.

24. Shortlisted entries will be displayed at the exhibition.

25. To maintain the high standard of the exhibition, all entries may not be displayed. Judge’s decision will be final. No appeal will be entertained.

26. Due credit will be given for all shortlisted entries.

27. Printing of photos for exhibition will be the responsibility of FCS; however, FCS is not liable for differences like colour tone or contrast in the print.

28. In case of dispatch of the awards to the winners by courier, though Foto Circle Society shall take extreme care, it shall not be liable for any damage/loss of awards/ Certificates/ Medals/ Mementos, during transit.

29. Submission of the entries to the competition implies acceptance of the above Rules and Regulations.

30. All acceptances are eligible for statistics applicable to FIP.

31. In case of any dispute, organizer’s decision will be final.


Every section will have 5 Awards (1st, 2nd, 3rd & 2 consolation prizes)
Prize kit consists of Cash Prize + Memento + TMC Certificate + FIP* medals
•(FIP medals only for 1st, 2nd, 3rd ranks in each section- for National competition only.)

Colour - Open Monochrome - Open Travel Nature & Wildlife Rain [only for Thane District of Maharashtra State]
First (Rs 50,000/-) First (Rs 50,000/-) First (Rs 50,000/-) First (Rs 50,000/-) First (Rs 50,000/-)
Second (Rs 25,000/-) Second (Rs 25,000/-) Second (Rs 25,000/-) Second (Rs 25,000/-) Second (Rs 25,000/-)
Third (Rs 15,000/-) Third (Rs 15,000/-) Third (Rs 15,000/-) Third (Rs 15,000/-) Third (Rs 15,000/-)
1st Consolation (Rs 10,000/-) 1st Consolation (Rs 10,000/-) 1st Consolation (Rs 10,000/-) 1st Consolation (Rs 10,000/-) 1st Consolation (Rs 10,000/-)
2nd Consolation (Rs 10,000/-) 2nd Consolation (Rs 10,000/-) 2nd Consolation (Rs 10,000/-) 2nd Consolation (Rs 10,000/-) 2nd Consolation (Rs 10,000/-)


Colour - Open Monochrome - Open Travel Nature & Wildlife Rain [only for Thane District of Maharashtra State]
Best Story Best Story Best Story Best Story Best Story
Best Creativity Best Creativity Best Action Best Action Best Action
Best Architecture Best Architecture Best Landscape Best Macro Essence of Rain
Best Portrait Best Portrait Best Night Photography Best Flower(s) Rainy Night
Best Still Life Best Still Life Best Sports Best Bird(s) People Enjoying Rain
Best Abstract Best Abstract Best Festival Best Mammal(s) Funny Situation During Rain
Best People Best Landscape Best Culture Best Instect(s) Traffic During Rain
Best Wedding Best Silhouette Best Aerial Best Silhouette Rain Disaster
Best Technique Best Street Photo Street Life Impact of Pollution Best Street Photography
Best Child Best Child Best Waterscape Best Wildlife Living Together Animal/Bird Life During Rain
Best Local Entry Best Local Entry Best Cityscape Best Landscape (no manmade objects) Lightening
    Best Local Entry Best Local Entry Flora & Fauna
        City in Rain
        Village in Rain
        Children in Rain

Salon Form


Club address

Foto Circle Society
H2/E35, Shrirang Society,
Opp Vrindavan Bus Stop,
Thane (West) - 400601, Maharashtra, India.

Contact Persons

•   Mr. Sanjay Naik (Salon Secretary): 09702585858
•   Mrs. Neeta Taskar: 09967673225/ 09594411241
•   Mr. Advait Gadgil: 09967020669





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